TGS has invested heavily in technology over the past few years in preparation for future and plannedd growth.Through our partners in software (Trinium Technology's - An intermodal leader in software for the drayage industry) and with Kenworth trucks (leaders in the market place by having some of the most dependable trucks on the road); TGS has positioned itself in the marketplace to be ready for the ever-changing economical pressures and industry changes we are being faced with.

Through Trinium's various modules TGS is able to:

  • Real-time dispatch - customers can login at their convenience to see where shipments are real time; without having to call or email.
  • Take a new order or update an existing load all via fax, phone, website or EDI.
  • Online tracing through WebLink - look at all your loads, a certain shipper or only one at a time.
  • Manage and follow through with our customer's loads from load tender through dispatch to invoicing and payments received.
  • Automated reporting tools - TGS will help our customers by helping them manage their customers with automated reports showing equipment drop locations, load status reports, per diem reports with last free days, free days remaining and any per diem charges accrued.
  • Automated Equipment Availability - TGS's new system allows it to sweep across all terminals and rail yards with a touch of a button to check container notifications, yard spots, release #'s, customs clearances and/or holds.
  • Electronic DVIR transmissions from the ingates at the terminals and rail yards - all via the drivers cell phone through our system to UIIA's database - real time.

Through our new trucks TGS has been able to:

  • Save fuel with better, more efficient motors that are set and designed to power the loads in the conditions we drive in.
  • Cut diesel emissions ahead of CARB and Port of LA, LB and Oakland regulations, giving us a cleaner and heathier environment.

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